Travel CV

Life as a travel addict

Traveling is a big passion to me. I have so far visited more than 55 countries of the world and lived in six of them and still have many places on my to go to list.

Some highlights

– New York: the Empire State of Mind.
– Boston, MA: Harvard town is really cozy and it feels like walking in a movie.
– Boca Raton, FL “What happens in Boca, stays in Boca“.
– Hawaii, USA: The Aloha state!
– Singapore: Singapore is crazy!
Hong Kong the island of China.
– North Korea: A completely different experience.
– Bora Cay, Philippines: Probably the best beaches in the world.
– Rome, Italy: A tourist attraction around every corner.
– Paris, France: There are few things as magic as meeting the spring in Paris.
– Dubai, United Arab Emirates: high glam factor, feeling of innovation, arabian culture, desert, sun and beaches – what more to wish for?
– San Diego, CA, USA: one of Americas finest cities.


Contact me @ pernillabredolt at gmail dot com or check out my instagram pillab

Last edited: 2016-12-25


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